Why spring is the best season for outdoor activities

While the cold still persists in some parts of the country, we can say that spring is upon us! After months of braving winter, it’s nice to see blue skies and people enjoying the outdoors.

Most people consider summer the best time of year to get out and see nature, but spring is arguably best for experiencing mother nature. Here are a few reasons why spring is the best season for outdoor activities and exploration.

Healthy sun exposure

Surprisingly, almost every human being experiences SAD symptoms during the winter. For some people these feelings are minor – for others it can put them in an unpleasant spiral that lasts for a while. Indeed, they receive much less vitamin D during the darker months of the year.

This vitamin is responsible for regulating mood and emotions, and you get this emotion-boosting compound from sun exposure. However, excessive sun consumption can lead to its own array of undesirable side effects. The less intense sun found in spring is safer for longer exposure times, meaning you can enjoy nature without worrying about the world.

Anticipation of hot weather

Although exposure to the spring sun is medically beneficial, these months are also great for strengthening social relationships. Isolation during the winter contributes to seasonal depression, which means many people look forward to warmer weather.

As the freezing temperatures move away, more and more outdoor activities become accessible. That means it’s the perfect time of year to reunite with friends and family you haven’t seen in a long time. Enjoy spring before your favorite outdoor activities become crowded in summer.

More destination opportunities

Spring is a rainy season with a few freezing days scattered throughout the months, but for the most part it’s a comfortably warm and inviting time of year. That means there are so many more destination opportunities across the country for you to discover!

Head to the local swimming hole for a day of sand and relaxation – even if the water is still too cold, you can enjoy some outdoor company with friends. Go to an outdoor baseball game (yes, MLB is back!) for a relaxing experience full of action and delicious food. There are so many outdoor adventures to live in spring that are not available in winter.

Now that you know why spring is the best season for outdoor activities, you can start enjoying nature for the first time in a long time with your friends and family. Take advantage of this relaxing time to explore before the hustle and bustle of summer.