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STATELINE, Nevada – As soon as news broke about hosting NHL outdoor games in Lake Tahoe, Matt Antosik got into the planning. The 38-year-old has a cabin on the California side of the lake. Kayaking became his ticket to a sporting event that did not allow fans.

The week before the game, Antosik explored the area and discovered he could park at Lakeside Beach, just a 15-minute paddle from the 18th hole at Edgewood Golf Course, where the NHL built its rink. On Saturday morning, he and two buddies packed Doritos and pistachios, dressed in warm clothes, and drove their kayaks to Lakeside.

“I love to travel to attend hockey events and games,” said Antosik, who lives outside of Sacramento. “I had to be there for this one.”

He was not the only one. More than a dozen kayakers were out for the Avalanche-Golden Knights game, which after the first period was postponed by eight hours due to poor ice conditions, as were a trio of motorboats and a large chartered vessel . Some of the marine spectators wore Joe Sakic Avalanche sweaters. Others had made the trip from Las Vegas and interacted with the mascots of knights and lizards when they came down to the beach. Even a Red Wings fan made an appearance, installing a winged flag on the back of his jet ski.

Kristina Britt wore an Alex Tuch Vegas swimsuit on her kayak and listened to the match radio broadcast on headphones. At lake level, boaters could see the upper torso of players and perhaps grab a jersey number, but there was no way to follow the puck. Antosik, who enjoyed spotting Avalanche star Nathan MacKinnon and Vegas goalie Marc-André Fleury, set up speakers on his boat and watched the game on his phone. He is no stranger to following the games on the water; he attended Giants baseball games on McCovey Cove.

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