The 17 Best Lawn Games of 2022

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Of course, you might not need much more than a patch of grass on a sunny day to prepare for a happy weekend. Just add friends, family, a picnic, and a few tunes on a wireless speaker. (Adult drinks optional for ages 21 and older.) But when you want to add a little more energy — and a healthy dose of competition — to the mix, consider upping the ante with lawn games that can make the cut. your outdoor meeting to the next level.

Our picks for the best lawn games on the market include options for all ages, skill levels, and budgets. From timeless classics (like croquet, bocce, and horseshoes) to new crazes (looking at you, Kan Jam), these games will keep your group entertained for hours. Plus, our list includes multi-game sets that are ideal for kids’ birthday parties or holiday gatherings.

These lawn games include ultralight and portable options (some include their own carrying and storage bags), so you can easily take them to the park or the beach. And we’ve got larger items perfect for setting up at home or tossing in the trunk of your car before heading to a party. Now all you need is your crew and your sense of fun!

The best lawn games to buy in 2022

    What to look for when buying a lawn game

    ✔️ Weight and portability: If you’re going to be transporting your game on public transport to the beach, you’ll want something small, light and comes with a carry bag or strap. If you plan to move into your home, your search may include larger or heavier games.

    ✔️ Age-appropriate: Consider lawn games sophisticated enough to keep your group interested, but not complicated enough to overwhelm participants. If you’re playing with young children, avoid small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

    ✔️ Quality and durability: We’ve got lawn games on our list with affordable prices to get you through the season – or even just a single party or vacation. But if you want your game to last season after season and withstand harsh conditions, you might prefer to choose a version of your favorite game in more durable, higher quality materials that will go the distance year after year.

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    Best High Energy Lawn Game

    Original Kan Jam discus throwing game

    • Fun for kids, teens and adults
    • Lightweight

    Think of this high energy team game much like air hockey – except it comes in a bag you can take anywhere and the air never goes out! Set it up in seconds and take turns throwing and deflecting the Frisbee. It’s made in the USA and durable for fun season after season.

    Numbers of players: 2-4 | Intended for ages: 9 years and over

    Best lawn game for socializing

    GoSports Backyard Petanque Set

    • High quality at a great price
    • Popular and highly regarded
    • Bocce is heavy (each ball weighs almost 2 pounds)

    Bocce is a classic, and this set has everything you need. It comes with eight balls, a canvas bag for transport and storage – and yes, even a measuring line, so there can be no ambiguity about the real winner in tight competitions!

    Numbers of players: 2-4 | Intended for ages: Young and older

    Best lawn game for middle schoolers

    Juegoal Yard Pong

    • Suitable for all ages
    • Compact packaging and storage

    Yes, it’s like beer pong, but an all-ages game that anyone can play outside. The game includes 12 durable red buckets, four balls and a carry bag. Since the buckets stack inside each other, this game is very portable and compact. Pro tip: Fill the buckets with sand or water so they don’t tip over easily in the wind.

    Numbers of players: 2-4 | Intended for ages: Young and older

    Best Indoor-Outdoor Lawn Game

    GoSports Giant Foam Dice Game with Scoreboard

    • Super-light
    • Economic

    Best Budget Lawn Game

    Everich Toy Rackets and Balls

    • Economic
    • Lightweight
    • Comes in 15 color options
    • Not built to last, critics say

    Carry this lightweight ball and paddle kit anywhere in its included bag. The paddles have a sticky effect, which catches the ball and holds it firmly. This fun-loving game helps young children develop motor skills and is fun for just about any age.

    Numbers of players: 2 | Intended for ages: 3 years and over

    Best Glow In The Dark Lawn Game

    Funsparks Lawn Dartboard

    • No sharp edges
    • Team or one-on-one play
    • glow in the dark
    • Critics say the pieces aren’t made to last

    Take them out for a game of darts without sharp edges. This uses rings that can be adjusted in size to create larger or smaller targets depending on skill level. Plus, you can charge these babies with a flashlight for a glow-in-the-dark effect for fun nighttime play.

    Numbers of players: 2-4 | Intended for ages: 6 years and over

    Best lawn game set

    Garden game set with ring toss, cones and beanbags

    • Versatile and Multiple Game Options
    • Critical reviews note uneven quality control
    • Cornhole board not included (improvise your own)

    Planning a barbecue or party? You can’t go wrong with this three-in-one set with the potential to start a full day of fun. Use it for ring toss, corn hole, relay races, beanbag toss, and more. The 26-piece set includes 10 brightly colored plastic rings, 10 nylon bean bags and 6 carnival cones.

    Numbers of players: Any | Intended for ages: All ages

    Best lawn game for easy setup

    Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set

    • Suitable for indoor/outdoor play
    • Lighter construction
    • Carry bag not included

    The rubber construction makes this game lightweight, safe for children and even suitable for indoor play. It comes with rubber mats and horseshoes as well as colored yellow pegs for extra visibility. It installs quickly and easily.

    Numbers of players: 2 | Intended for ages: All ages

    Best lawn game for teams

    SKLZ flag football set

    • Lightweight
    • Economic

    This set includes everything you need for a game of flag football: 10 flag belts (5 each of two colors), four goal-line cones, and a bag to carry it all to the park or party safely. simplicity.

    Numbers of players: ten | Intended for ages: 7 years and over

    Best Lawn Games for a Kids Birthday Party

    Dreampark Carnival Playset

    • Four games in one
    • Colorful and timeless
    • May not withstand rugged use

    Four lawn games in one set? Instant party. This set includes four colorful racing bags, six sets of wooden spoons and eggs, four three-legged relay bands with adjustable bungee ties and 10 extra plastic gold medals – for the big winners of the day, well safe !

    Numbers of players: 4-10 | Intended for ages: 3 years and over

    Best lawn game for the park

    Game of croquet Juegoal

    • Storage bag included
    • Best-selling and highly rated
    • Lower quality compared to more expensive sets

    What could be more civilized than a game of croquet on a nice day? Choose your own set of the classic hobby with this best-selling set made from solid beech wood. It comes with its own bag for easy storage and transport. Set up the mallets in seconds with easy screw-on handles and you’re ready to go.

    Numbers of players: 6 | Intended for ages: 6 years and over

    Best Lawn Game for a Contest

    Giggle N Go Limbo Set

    • Easy installation
    • Storage bag included
    • Play indoors or outdoors

    Grab the Wi-Fi speaker and crank up the music for some outdoor limbo play! The plastic parts install easily and the height of the pole is easily adjustable while you play. How low can you go?

    Number of players: 2 or more | Intended for ages: Any

    Best Skill-Based Lawn Game

    GoSports Ladder Toss Playset

    • Easy to assemble
    • Popular and highly regarded
    • Lightweight, with the potential to tip over

    Test your skills with this ladder toss game, which sets up in just two minutes thanks to the PVC tube construction. Soft rubber bolos are kid friendly and perfect for a range of ages; young children can simply stand closer to the target for a better shot.

    Numbers of players: 2-4 | Intended for ages: 4 years and over

    Best Lawn Bowling Game for Kids

    ApudArmis Wooden Lawn Bowling Game

    • real wood
    • Carry bag included
    • Smaller than some reviewers expected (pins are 7.5 inches tall)

    Of course, you can opt for an inflatable lawn bowling game for young children. But this real eucalyptus wood lawn bowling set is more satisfying – and still kid-sized.

    Number of players: 1 or more | Intended for ages: 2 to 12

    Best All-Round Lawn Game

    GrowUpSmart Ring Toss Game Set

    • Economic price
    • Good for a wide range of ages
    • Lightweight, moves easily

    This classic outdoor game assembles easily, requires no learning curve, and is fun for kids, teens, and adults.

    Numbers of players: 2 or more | Intended for age: 5 years and over

    Best lawn game for football season

    GoSports Inflatable Football Challenge

    • Of substantial size
    • Lightweight (use water to weight the base)

    Test your football throwing accuracy – or just have fun – with this inflatable challenge. The player-shaped target is six feet tall and sets up in minutes. Just fill the base with water to weigh it down. This set also includes four inflatable rubber soccer balls, a ball pump, and a dry-erase scoreboard.

    Numbers of players: 1 or more | Intended for ages: 2 and more

    Best lawn game for hot days

    Teytoy water balls

    • Simple
    • Reusable
    • Ideal for cooling water games
    • Takes a long time to dry out for storage

    These balls are like water balloons, but they’re reusable and won’t burst all over your lawn, leaving colored waste to melt in the heat. With this set you get 60 water absorbing balls for water ball fights, games and refreshing fun on those sweltering days.

    Number of players: 1 or more | Intended for ages: 4 years and over

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