Split hosts month-long sports festival with free outdoor activities

Split hosts month-long sports festival with free outdoor activities

Croatian town invites everyone to try something new in May

From May 1 and until May 29, residents and tourists of Split can participate in various outdoor sports activities free of charge. Organized by renowned trainer Sanja Žuljević and the Split Tourist Board, the Split Fest Workout aims to encourage people to get outside and exercise after staying home during the cold winter months.

Recognizing that people are often reluctant to step out of their comfort zone and try something new, festival organizers point out that everyone is invited, regardless of age or experience. Moreover, they note that all activities will be led by qualified professionals which will make it easier for those who feel uncomfortable trying new things.

All activities will take place outdoors, encouraging people to enjoy the arrival of warmer weather. Sports one can try include yoga, Nordic walking, street dancing, free climbing, running and meditation, among others.

Clean while you exercise

Although WorkOUT Split Fest is primarily about inspiring people to adopt healthier lifestyles, that’s not its only goal. To go further, the organizers of the event reveal that they want to raise awareness of the need to take care of our environment. Thus, people will have the chance to participate in the “plogging”.

Derived from the two Swedish verbs plocka upp (take) and jogging (to jog), plogging involves picking up litter while jogging. In other words, it is an activity that promotes not only physical well-being but also the well-being of the environment.

Importantly, event organizers are urging all attendees — not just those taking part in the plogging — to clean up after themselves and ensure Split remains a clean city.

“Think globally, act locally is a well-known saying applicable today, more than ever.“, write the organizers on the website of the event.

Consult the activities offered online at tutaforca.com.