Savings account, for what? – Loans

When my brother got his first job he told me: can you lend me your account to make my salary deposits? Question to which I responded immediately: “What? but your bank account is like your ID. ” And so unintentionally I reached a resolution without having planned it. If you have already started your working life, having an account with the bank is essential. And the next question is.

But which one and in which bank do I open my account?

But which one and in which bank do I open my account?

To determine the best option, you should first know that what you need is a Savings Account and not a Current Account. The savings account, unlike the current account is for people who are just entering the financial system, does not have a credit record and does not need a medium-term loan.

Instead the savings account gives you a series of benefits such as: Save without maintenance cost:

There are several savings account options with maintenance cost

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But beware of conditions such as number of operations at the window, ATMs or minimum balances. Compare and find the ideal here. Debit Card: Most entities provide you with a debit card with which you can pay your bills at any establishment without charging cash, and if it is stolen or lost, you just have to call to have it blocked. Then they replace it. You earn interest:

In the market absolutely all of them give you interest for your money, of course, in some boxes more than in banks, but always seeing that the costs do not exceed the interest earned. Compare here. Banking Network:

Banks offer you a series of channels through which you can perform your operations. My favorites are Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. In another post I will show you how to get the most out of them.

If you are about to start your working life, or have just reintegrated into it as an independent, you need to have a savings account. Avoid paying bills. It is not safe or transparent. Remember that this is a means with which you can control your expenses.