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Recent high temperatures make it difficult for parents to find outdoor activities for children

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Pools and wading pools are usually busy on warm days, but the playground portion of the park is emptier than usual.

After a few scans with a thermometer gun, it’s easy to see why. The surface temperature of several plastic slides at Riverside Park in Wichita has reached over 130 degrees in the late afternoon.

“Children cannot go there. It’s hot. You can cook something there,” Alma Roman said.

The swings also had high surface temperature readings, reaching 160 degrees.

Maddie Daugherty said the high temperatures and the dangers of high surface temperatures, along with the risk of heat exhaustion, make it difficult to come up with ideas for playing with her son outside.

“As a mom and all, it’s hard to find activities for them to do when it’s so hot outside. I hate that he’s inside,” she said.

Another option that may be a little safer is wading pools, but even dry concrete around the water can be dangerous for bare feet, reaching over 125 degrees.

“I had to wear [my grandson] here because I knew the concrete would be super hot,” Larry Daugherty said.

Some parents said they keep water shoes on hand to keep their kids having fun and keeping their feet safe.

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