Outdoor restaurant seating is what Palm Beach diners want

Give people what they want. And what people want is to eat outdoors.

Earlier this month, Café L’Europe and Club Colette became the first two Palm Beach restaurants approved for permanent outdoor seating under a new initiative by City Hall. The Outdoor Café program replaces a temporary program that was quickly put in place in 2020 to help restaurants cope with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But as the tentative plan expires on Labor Day, demand for outdoor seating has only grown as strains of COVID persist and young families who want to be outside s settle in town.

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It has forced restaurants to change the way they do business and the city to evolve with it.

Other restaurants have also requested permanent outdoor seating, so the number of seats with him will only grow.

Each beer garden program application will need to be individually reviewed to ensure that each of the beer garden seating plans does not interfere with public access. Managers should also keep a close eye on the program to ensure that no unforeseen problems arise.

For example, Café L’Europe changed its plan after a residential neighbor on Brazilian Avenue objected to seating on its street. Now, the restaurant’s 34 permanent outdoor chairs, taken from its total capacity of 175, will only be placed in front of its main entrance. Club Colette was allocated 40 such seats.

“Dining out on a nice evening in Palm Beach, there’s nothing quite like it. Outdoor dining has been important during the pandemic, but it has also proven to be an asset to the city,” said Mark Marcello, President of Café L’Europe.

Indeed, there is no such thing. With the permanent plan, restaurants and the city can now give people what they want.