Outdoor games for children: Flower power

Keeping your kids away from their favorite electronic devices isn’t always easy. But you can encourage them to move by inviting them to play a fun and educational outdoor game.

Looking for creative ideas? Here’s one from the May issue of FamilyFun magazine that will exercise your child’s brain and body:

1. Scatter artificial flowers (cut from stems or party collars) around an area (see image above). With a rope or a garden hose, mark a starting line at 30 feet.

2. Give players baskets or bags and ask them to stand behind the line. Call out a math problem (you might want to give each player a different equation for their skill level), then shout “Go!”

3. Players run to collect the number of flowers equal to the correct answer, then return to the starting line.

No fake flowers? Carefree! This game can be played with playing cards, small balls or plastic eggs.

game tips

Count together: At the end of the race, have the players count out loud with you as you count the contents of a basket. Wrong answer? Talk it out, then let that player try again.

Time it: Add a competitive edge with a stopwatch. Challenge players to beat their own best times.

Make it harder: For older children, assign values ​​to colored flowers (red equals 10, for example) and increase the difficulty of the question.

Reward their work: At the end of the game, use a safety pin to attach a flowery “medal” to each child’s shirt.