New all-weather ping pong tables ready for outdoor play

Two local parks now have concrete ping pong tables — the city’s first outdoor, all-weather public tables.

The Quincy Department of Natural Resources recently installed a traditional two-handed table and a four-handed table at Faxon Park. The tables are located at the top of Faxon Road, between the clubhouse and the softball field. The park also has a playground, picnic area and walking trails.

The city has installed a ping pong table at the Welcome Young Playground, a new facility that also includes tennis courts, at 87 Sagamore St.

“We are always looking to adapt our parks to meet the needs of the people we serve,” said Quincy Natural Resources Commissioner Dave Murphy. “We got a request for the ping pong, did some research and found a fun addition to our park inventory. We are always looking for new ideas to improve our park system and provide fun for people of all ages, interests and abilities. »

Murphy said tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and players should bring their own ping-pong paddles and balls. Players are encouraged to limit their matches to one hour if there are other people waiting to use the tables, he said.

Table tennis is extremely popular in China where there are outdoor tables in public parks; the latest census figures show that nearly a third of Quincy’s population is Asian, with many people coming from China.

While ping pong is less popular in the United States, there is a national table tennis team and national organization that promotes the sport through more than 250 clubs and more than 350 tournaments per year, according to the USA website. table-tennis.