How you can support national park travelers

Just as Olympic National Park’s “tree of life” needs many deep roots and spreading branches to survive, the national parks traveler needs many supporters to survive/Rebecca Latson

There are many ways to support the National Park Travelers working to provide daily editorial coverage of national parks and protected areas, from direct donations to using AmazonSmile.

Here’s how you can support the nonprofit news organization as it continues to expand its coverage, both through print, weekly podcasts and occasional audio postcards:

  • Make a direct donation, either a one-time donation or, if you can manage it, a recurring monthly donation. While the Traveler reaches around 3 million readers and listeners a year, only a fraction of a percent actually supports the of the traveler work. If you enjoy the of the traveler coverage, a direct donation helps to ensure its sustainability. In November and December, all donations are used to help the Traveler Land a $15,000 matching grant from the NewsMatch national fundraising campaign to support nonprofit media organizations.
  • Use AmazonSmile when shopping on Amazon, and be sure to select the National Parks Traveler like your favorite charity. When you shop at, Amazon donates 0.5% of your qualifying purchases – at no cost to you.
  • Consider purchases from our partners, such as Dr. Tyler Nordgren’s Night Sky Posters; outdoor-inspired jewelry from Park City Jewelers; Yosemite Scenic Wonders vacation rentals.
  • Check with your company to see if they will make a matching donation to the Traveler.
  • If you work for a Friends of National Parks group or cooperating association, ask if the organization could help support the of the traveler assignment.
  • If you or your business manufactures national parks-related merchandise or operates a business in parks, consider dedicating a percentage of your sales to Traveler once a year.
  • Reach out to your friends and family members and encourage them to support the Traveler.

Over the years, the Traveler has filled a niche in national park coverage, a niche that continues to grow as daily news agencies across the country close their doors.

National Parks TravelerThe reports provide a necessary source of rigorous and reliable information at a time when the future of our national parks is uncertain. Our national parks are treasured places that unite and inspire us all. Yet these places continue to face many challenges such as underfunding, overcrowding and the consequences of climate change. Parks need advocates and groups like the National Parks Conservation Association to speak on their behalf and demand action. But we couldn’t do our job to the fullest without organizations like the National Parks Traveler and their coverage of issues facing our parks, their staff and surrounding communities. National Parks Traveler provides trusted, reliable, and timely information that ensures the NPCA and park advocates across the country can continue our work to protect our country’s most iconic and inspiring places for generations to come. – Theresa Pierno, President and CEO of the National Parks Conservation Association.

In addition to our daily coverage of the parks system, readers and listeners of stories made possible last year included:

Wyoming approves tri-state grizzly bear hunting pact as part of delisting

Overfishing of coral reefs is impacting Biscayne, Dry Tortugas and Everglades National Parks

Two Boston Freedom Trails: Urban National Parks

Funding delays for historical and cultural parks compared to large popular parks

Fading History: Minidoka National Historic Site

UN climate report highlights importance of Everglades restoration

Unplugged: National Park Service struggles to meet electric vehicle challenges

Yellowstone at 150: Challenges don’t end with crowds

Seeking the wilderness at Big Bend National Park

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South American invaders try to gain a foothold in the Everglades

Under water and under pressure

Scotts Bluff National Monument: portal to the west

Additionally, we released a new podcast episode every week of the year.

If you value independent editorial journalism focused on national parks and protected areas, please consider donating today. Monthly giving provides the greatest support for the of the traveler work, which not only keeps the public informed about news, science and adventure in the parks, but helps policymakers, scholars, conservationists and activists.