Here are some of the best outdoor games for summer

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If you’ve always wanted to know which of your wisest and most humble friends is actually a competitive freak, take out the outdoor games as soon as the time presents itself. Okay, so maybe you didn’t want to find out, but a simple bag toss or mistake on the croquet pitch might alert you. You’ve seen cornhole on countless college campuses and probably think croquet is only for the royals, but they and all of their backyard play brethren are good for everyone (30 racks of Natty Light not required).

Lawn games are a must-have for summer outings, so we’ve compiled this list with some of the most essentials. They vary in terms of skill level and space required to play, but we’re confident you’ll find the right set for your next outdoor event, whether you have an acre or a few square feet.

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Franklin Sports Badminton Set

Another Olympic sport that everyone can play.


Strategy in chess meets the ability to throw. You will become addicted.

Rec League Traditional 2ft x 4ft Cornhole Board Kit

Yes, cornhole still exists and is still a lot of fun, even after graduation day.

Molkky – Wooden Bowling and Bowling Game

Like ordinary Kubb but with numbers.

Kan Jam Frisbee Original Game

It may take a bit of frisbee skill, but it’s one of the most fun games you can play.

Franklin Sports Volleyball Set

Channel your inner Olympian and get your bump, together, crimp.


If in doubt, use a classic: two stakes and four horseshoes are enough.

Garden games Tumbling Timbers

Tumbling Timbers, aka Jenga, is an epic game at full size and even more exciting when at a human size.

Game of pétanque balls

Andiamo! It’s time to play the game loved by popes and nuns around the world.

Spikeball Play Set

This game also exists outside of college and is also a lot of fun, even if you can’t move like before.

Franklin Sports Croquet Set

It’s like golf, but easier.

Paddleball Pro Kadima Beach Set

Paddleball is cheap and you can play dang anywhere.

Wooden ladder throw

This classic game radiates summer nostalgia.

Bottle shot

Bottle Bash is more fun with a beer in hand, the drinking rules are enforced. Don’t drop the bottle.

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