Follow these steps to motivate your child to participate in outdoor games

As the world moves into digital space with each passing day, indoor confinement is slowly becoming the new normal. Even before the onset of the pandemic, the age-old norms that children engaged in outdoor play and physical activity were already on the decline. Video games, in a way, give kids their daily dose of entertainment. However, the practice of outdoor sports is crucial for the overall physical development of a child.

Better physical health and better social skills automatically follow when your child participates in outdoor sports and extracurricular activities. However, if you’re struggling to get your child to get rid of their cell phone and laptop to go out, here are some tips you can try.

Have them join an outdoor group or club

Keeping the child’s likes and dislikes in mind, place them in an environment with games that they will enjoy. Get them enrolled in a tennis club or swimming training center or any other activity. These clubs have a playful approach to training children and automatically generate interest in the sport.

Facilitate friendship with other children

If your child is introverted, help them make new friends by participating yourself. Take your child to the kiddie park, talk to other kids, introduce them to your kids, and befriend other parents if you can.

Play at the same time

Sometimes a child may want to play outside but has no friends to play with. You can take on the role of a playmate and play with your child so they don’t have to stay home for lack of friends.

Buy sportswear

You can give your child a sports kit like a cricket kit or a badminton racket and he will surely want to go out to show his new kits to his friends and play with them.

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