First California State Parks Week: What You Need to Know

For the first time in history, the California Department of Parks and Recreation will hold special community events in honor of its 279 state parks.

The first annual California State Parks Week will take place June 14-18. During this time, you will be able to participate in a series of in-person and virtual events at parks and beaches across the state.

“State Parks is thrilled to host the first-ever California State Parks Week, which celebrates the nation’s oldest state park system,” said Armando Quintero, director of California State Parks. “California’s state parks are as unique and diverse as the state itself. They help preserve and protect the state’s natural and cultural history for generations to come.”

He added, “I hope this week gives everyone a chance to visit the outdoors, enjoy its beauty, and find their own connection to the great outdoors of California.”

As of this year, California’s state park system now encompasses 1.3 million acres, including over 340 miles of beautiful coastline.

California State Parks Week is modeled after the National Park Service National Parks Week held annually in April. It is also helping to advance California’s “Outdoor Access For All” initiative, as well as the new “California Outdoors For All” initiative to expand “access to the outdoors to all Californians through targeted investments in open space infrastructure and outdoor programming, with a priority of expanding access in underserved communities.”

Thematic events

“Parks have been there for us in so many ways,” said Rachel Norton, executive director of the California State Parks Foundation. “While we recognize the partners, volunteers, state park staff and many others who make California’s state park system the jewel it is today, there is so much to celebrate! Each day’s themes highlight all of these contributions.”

Check out the themed events below:

Tuesday, June 14: Land Recognition Day
On Land Recognition Day, we will uplift, honor and celebrate Indigenous voices and stories that are rooted in traditional Indigenous lands. See all events.

  • Highlighted: Tribute to the Indigenous Peoples of the North CoastState park interpreters and tribal members will share the importance of honoring the Indigenous peoples who have lived on the North Shore since time immemorial. Register online via Facebook Live at 10 a.m.

Wednesday, June 15: Children’s career day
On Kids Career Day, we invite children and families to explore all the important jobs people do to help keep parks looking good and running smoothly. See all events.

  • Highlighted: My fun future outdoors!From 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at Cardiff (Seaside) State Beach in San Diego, State Park employees will share some of their favorite reasons for working in the parks. Register in person at the park or online via Facebook Live.

Thursday, June 16: Health and wellness day
Spending time outdoors is essential for health and well-being. On Health and Wellness Day, we invite you to explore a park near you and discover organizations, events and activities that can continue to inspire you every day. See all events.

  • Highlighted: Guided Hike on the Lava Cliffs TrailHike through a volcanic formation at Calaveras Big Trees State Park. This moderate to strenuous 2.5 mile, 2-3 hour hike starts at 9:30am.

Friday, June 17: Stewardship Day
On Stewardship Day, learn about the various land and habitat management activities that conserve the great diversity of plants and animals in the parks and learn how to get involved. See all events.

Saturday June 18: Partnership Day / Volunteer Day
On Partnership Day / Volunteer Day, learn about the important roles businesses, nonprofits, and other partners play in running the California State Park System, and find out how you can get involved. See all events.

  • Highlighted: Science Day and StoryWalkLearn about butterflies with hands-on educational activities or stroll while reading an illustrated children’s book from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Oroville Lake Recreation Area.

You can learn more about California State Parks Week by clicking or tapping here.