Fire ban in Phoenix desert parks and preserves begins May 1

A fire ban will go into effect in Phoenix Desert Parks and Mountains starting May 1 as temperatures continue to rise in the Valley.

Smoking and charcoal fires are included in the ban, and Maricopa County’s fire ban for their regional parks also goes into effect Saturday.

The annual ban includes the following parks and reserves:

  • camel back mountain
  • Deem Hills Recreation Area
  • belvedere mountain
  • Papago Park
  • Phoenix Mountains Park and Recreation Area
  • Phoenix Mountains Reserve
  • Phoenix Sonoran Reserve
  • North Mountain Park
  • Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area
  • South Mountain Park/Preserve.

Propane and gas barbecues can only be used in established picnic areas, and the ban does not apply to flat parks in Phoenix.

Residents living near reservations are advised to remove dead shrubs and grasses within 10 feet of their property boundary to protect their homes from potential bushfires.

Currently, 86% of the state is experiencing severe drought, according to Maricopa County Parks and Recreation.

More information:

Hiking safety tips

  • Stay on the trail.
  • Hike with a friend.
  • If you’re hiking alone, tell someone where you’re going.
  • Don’t forget your cell phone.
  • Hydrate before, after and during a hike
  • If you’re hiking with a pet, make sure their paws are protected and there’s plenty of water for you and them.

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