Cool and cool fall day perfect for outdoor activities ::

– Temperatures plunged from the 80s to 40s overnight, and the cooling will continue to give us some cool, cool air to wake us up.

“Our temperatures this morning are about 19 degrees cooler this morning than they were yesterday morning,” said Peta Sheerwood, WRAL meteorologist. “So you’re going to want to grab that jacket as you walk out the door.”

The Triangle woke up to a low of 47, but it should gradually warm up throughout the day until the mid-60s. It will be cool and clear and you will finally feel like fall.

Sunday should be a perfect day for the State Fair – with cool, chilly temperatures and clear skies. Highs won’t reach until the mid-60s after the 80s we’ve seen for much of this week.

Sunday activity planner

Our normal high for this time of year is 73. We will also be below that level on Monday when we hit 71.

“It’s a transition to the fall weekend,” WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze said. “The air will be very cool and there will be a breeze. We will have a very cool feeling.”

Perspectives Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

The cool mornings will continue over the next few days. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will all start in the 40’s. It will heat up during the day.

Next week looks dry and comfortable with highs in the 70s. Another cold front is possible on Friday.

7 day forecast

Tropics tracking

An area of ​​disturbed weather that still drifts southeast of Bermuda has a 10% chance of developing. There are no other systems to watch. Here’s an update on the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, which ends on November 30.

Perspectives from the tropics

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