Chilly Moose Announces Partnership with Ontario Parks Turtle Conservation Project

SCHOMBERG, ON, June 20, 2022 /CNW/ — Chilly Moose is thrilled to announce its continued partnership with Ontario Parks in support of its turtle conservation project. “We are thrilled to support Ontario Parks and its mission to help turtles,” says Founder and President, Kristi Greco.

There are eight species of turtles in Ontario, and all of them are at risk. The main risks to their survival include habitat loss, predators and collisions with vehicles. The Turtle Protection Project was created to help vulnerable turtle species in Ontario’s provincial parks, as well as to fund turtle research and education programs.

Chilly Moose, a company dedicated to making high-quality gear, such as coolers and glasses, for Canadians who love the outdoors, has created three limited-edition products, including the Ontario Parks 14oz bottle Jasper, Ontario Parks 16 oz Tamarack Insulated Box and Ontario Parks 25 oz Turtle Bottle, to help turtles. ten dollars of their Ontario Parks Turtle Bottle goes directly to the Turtle Protection Project, helping to provide nest covers and install wildlife crossings for the turtles.

There’s nothing quite like venturing into the wilderness of Ontario’s provincial parks, and seeing wildlife, like turtles, in their natural habitat is soul-invigorating. Every dollar counts in efforts to ensure the survival and protection of endangered turtles. Those interested in supporting the Ontario Parks Turtle Protection Project can do so through direct donations or by purchasing merchandise, such as Ontario Parks Special Edition Turtle Chilly Moose items.

For those interested in helping make a difference in the lives of turtles and preserving these fascinating creatures for future generations, call 705-313-2462 or email [email protected]. You can also visit the Chilly Moose website and purchase an Ontario Parks Turtle Drinking Glass here:

About Chilly Moose Ltd.

Chilly Moose is dedicated to helping Canadians enjoy and explore the great outdoors by providing high quality outdoor gear, including glasses, coolers and fridge-freezers, that will last a lifetime. All of their items are reusable, saving raw materials and reducing environmental impact. They partner with organizations that do wonderful things to help the environment in Canada. Ontario Parks’ turtle protection project is one of many that Chilly Moose is partnering with to have a real impact on the future of from Canada natural resources and wild areas. To learn more, visit their website:

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