Celebrate Labor Day weekend with fun outdoor activities

Soak up the last days of summer this Labor Day weekend

Labor Day is upon us, and many see it as the unofficial end of summer. This is because the three-day holiday weekend marks the end of the summer season, when many fall activities like school and sports begin.

Considered the last hurrah of summer vacation, Labor Day weekend is a time for families to get out and have fun at the last minute. Make the most of this long weekend with some exciting activities below.

Take a road trip

Install the sprinkler in the garden

Young children love running through a sprinkler on a hot summer day. Channel your inner child and join them on a fun journey. Jumping through a sprinkler is a great way to stay cool and get your heart pumping while enjoying some quality family time. You’ll have a hard time keeping that happy smile on your face.

Organize outdoor games at the park

Summer is synonymous with outdoor games. Gather your friends and family and spend a day playing various outdoor games in a park. Create endless outdoor fun for everyone with games like lawn bowling, cornhole boards or rustic ring toss.

For younger children, take chalk and make a hopscotch grid or four squares on the sidewalk. Make it more fun by creating your own rules.

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