A total of 17 political parties were bankrupt in 2011, according to the Court of Accounts

A total of 17 political parties with public funding, out of 29, were in 2011 in a technical bankruptcy situation, according to the audit report prepared by the Court of Auditors for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011, which has had access for 20 minutes.

In 2009 there were ten; in 2011, 17; and, according to the report for 2008, which was known a few months ago, 15 training courses had negative net worth. It was foreseen that this year the Court would present this joint report of the three exercises and also that of 2012, which has not yet been published.

These 17 parties are Convergencia i Unió, Izquierda Unida, UPyD, Amaiur, Unió Democrática de Catalunya, Canary Coalition, Geroa Bai, Initiative Per Catalunya Verds (ICV), Nationalist Bloc Valencià, Galego Nationalist Bloc, Chunta Aragonesista, Esquerra Unida de les Illes Balears, Esquerra Unida del País Valencià, Esquerra Unida i Alternativa, United Left of the Community of Madrid, IU-Los Verdes-Call for Andalusia and the Aragonese Party.

The Court of Auditors recommends these training courses to ” adjust their economic activities ” in order to achieve a “rebalancing of assets, given that public revenues represent the majority of recorded income”. In total, political parties received 287.1 million euros of public funding in 2009; 247 million in 2010; and 316 million in 2011.

Donations, credits, contracts

Regarding private resources, the Court of Auditors states that the fees and contributions of affiliates and supporters reached a total of 41.6 million in 2009; in 2010 40.7 million; and in 2011, 43.2 million euros. Regarding private donations “non-finalists”, the audit amounts to 6.2 million in 2009 (5.1 of natural persons); 7 million in 2010 (6); and 8.7 million in 2011 (5.7).

The report found unidentified donations to IU de Andalucía in 2009 (107,623 euros), 2010 (136,417) and 2011 (93,817); and the Aragonese Party in 2011 (82,480). There are also donations from legal entities “for which the agreement of the competent social body has not been provided”: in 2009, 3,000 euros to CDC; 1,250 euros to CiU and 7,000 euros to UPyD; in 2010, 26,999 euros to CDC and 200,000 euros to UDC; and in 2011, 16,000 euros to CDC and 60,000 euros to PP.

There are also donations from legal entities ” with a current contract with the Public Administration “: 30,000 euros to the Canary Islands Coalition in 2011; 1,500 euros and 15,000 euros to the PP in 2010 and 2011; and two amounts of 100,000 euros to UDC in 2009 and 2010 and another of 70,000 euros in 2011. On the other hand, there are donations, according to the tributary, not deposited in the ad hoc bank accounts.

The parties have debts with banks amounting to 237 million euros (2009), 218 million euros (2010) and 275.3 million (2011). The Court of Auditors asks, as on previous occasions, for greater transparency for the parties.

Incomplete information

In 2009 and 2010 21 formations were audited and in 2011 29 in 2011 since those who obtained “representation in the electoral processes celebrated in that year” and who received public funds were added.

The Court notes that some parties have submitted some of their accounts outside the legal term, such as CiU, Compromís or EA. Izquierda Unida, he explains, has not presented “consolidated statements between the different federations and the Federal Executive for any of the exercises”.

On the other hand, the report assures that there are formations that have not included -or have done it incompletely- in their memory information about grants and private donations, as well as credit or loan concessions- discover more. It also highlights that “various formations” have not submitted any document on their internal control systems.