8 outdoor games that all 90s kids will miss in their childhood

The kids of the 90s were blessed with a great childhood when there were no cell phones, mobile games, gadgets, etc. Their entire childhood has been associated with sweets, cartoons, and outdoor games. If you are asked to name your favorite outdoor games, you cannot name just one because there are several. Some of the outdoor games that 90s kids loved to play are Chupa Chupi, Pakdam Pakdai, musical chairs, statues, Aankh Micholi, etc.

Children of the 90s had a happy time during their childhood playing these fun games. The list of outdoor games is endless. Children of this generation may not experience the sheer pleasure of indulging in these games, as they are now addicted to cell phones and video games. But 90s adults can surely relate to those outdoor games they played as children.

Outdoor games that children of the 90s loved to play.

Musical chairs

Remember the pleasure of running around the chairs and grabbing one of them to sit down after the music stops? Treat yourself during this quarantine period.


It was pure pleasure to throw a rock in the right box and reach it by jumping on one leg.


You can now also do this to rekindle old memories, but it will be more useful for weight loss.

doctor doctor

It was one of the most favorite kid games of the 90s where you have to mingle with others first and then have the doctor untangle you.

Aankh Micholi

Catching your friends blindfolded was a tough task, but it was a lot of fun.

Langdi taang

It was also quite difficult when you had to run on one leg. Now this can be used as a good workout.

Chupan Chupai

We used to enjoy the suspense in the game Chupan Chupai or Chupa Chupi where we have to find our friends who are hiding in different places.



We could barely stand up like a statue when our friends made us laugh with their shitty jokes.