7 Nostalgic Classic Outdoor Games We Played As Kids

When we were kids, we spent most of our free time doing outdoor activities. Whether it’s playing with other neighborhood kids or simply bonding with nature. No matter how many memories we have made outdoors, there will be nothing more special than classic outdoor games. Let’s dive into the past and remember these seven classic and nostalgic outdoor games we used to play as kids!

Capture the Flag (El Mandeel):
More the merrier, the merrier. This was our concept at El Mandeel. There was nothing more exciting than running into the opposing team’s territory, capturing their flag, and getting back to your territory safely and in a timely manner.

Statuettes (Tamaseel Eskendrya):
We vividly remember the singing of this game before turning around to see our friends or family members froze in their statues and then doing our best to make them laugh in turn. The statues never moved or spoke, but we weren’t the type to follow those rules!

Hopscotch (El Oula):
A few sidewalk chalk and a hopscotch grid with a good sized boulder was enough to send us jumping on one leg, two legs, or even falling back onto the grid. It was a nightmare for it to rain on us while playing this game.

Musical chairs:
It’s pretty safe to say that this one gave us some trust issues. The number of times we thought the music was about to stop, but it wasn’t, must have been countless. The stress we had to deal with securing a chair while turning in circles is unparalleled.

Hide and seek:
Everyone must have played this game at least once in their life. The best thing about it is that we managed to hide in the dumbest, tightest places and still got caught, so the embarrassing memories we made while playing hide and seek don’t have to be like no other!

young boys and girls playing hide and seek in the park, with child counting leaning on the tree

This one required some power to play; we can almost still remember the pain we felt in our fingertips and fingernails trying to get each player’s marbles out of the chosen circle.

shoot marbles

Freeze Label (Kahraba):
This game is a different version of Tag, or more precisely, it is an Egyptian version. Kahraba was when the “it” person tags you, so you have to freeze where you are. Another player can tag you to unfreeze you.

What other outdoor games did you play as a child?