5 safe outdoor activities you can enjoy today


More than a year after the onset of the health crisis, many people have undoubtedly started failing to do things they could freely do before. Things like hanging out with friends, eating at their favorite restaurant, or meeting new people have all been put on the back burner over the past year for safety reasons.

Fortunately, the experts have said that you can still do the things you love to do, only now you can do it outdoors. Enjoying fun outdoor activities is not only safer because it is less risky, but is also beneficial for your mental health and general well-being.

For those looking for a safe space where they can hang out for a little while, Megaworld Lifestyle malls offer people a way to relax and enjoy without compromising their safety.

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Enjoy safe alfresco dining

One of the favorite places in almost all Megaworld Lifestyle malls is its alfresco dining area. Customers can feel secure with this setup as tables and chairs are distributed to maintain good social distancing. The menus are also contactless as they provide scannable QR codes.

Choose from places like Eastwood City, Southwoods Mall, Forbes Town, and more, as it offers a different cuisine in its expansive outdoor dining areas.

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In Uptown Bonifacio, the mall introduced Scan to Dine – a centralized QR-based menu that is accessible by any diner via their smartphone. Diners in its expansive outdoor space called The Deck only need to scan the QR code at one of the dining tables there and it will take them to the range of restaurants. Customers can then choose the restaurant of their choice and order from there.

Visitors can walk around and enjoy a safe and relaxing atmosphere while having a snack from the Food Trucks around Forbes Town and Arcovia City. There are also concepts similar to Forbes Town with its Corner Pizza and Mo’s Burger food trucks.

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Cyclists no longer have to worry about parking their bikes while dining, as Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo has a new restaurant concept called Bike and Bite. Custom-made solo dining tables also double as bike racks for riders to indulge in their favorite Asian cuisine while keeping their bikes safely parked.

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Another thing to look forward to is the famous Mercato Centrale food markets which will be in Uptown Bonifacio in May.

Walk with your pets

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Pet owners can enjoy a morning or afternoon stroll through the mall’s outdoor areas, as most Megaworld Lifestyle malls allow pets.

Furry parents and furry babies can exercise together or shop together, as these malls have restaurants and stores that are also pet-friendly. Pet owners can even snap Instagram-worthy photos of their pets while strolling through the Eastwood Mall Open Park or Burgos Park in the City of Forbes.

For everyone’s safety, malls will launch a digital pet pass that will allow animal lovers to request their pass online for contactless registration.

Shop at the community market on wheels

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As it can be difficult to source fresh produce today, McKinley Hill has partnered with the Department of Agriculture and KADIWA to launch Community Market on Wheels.

Residents can purchase a wide selection of fresh, locally grown produce at farm gate prices in select locations. The initiative hopes to provide residents with a way to eat healthily while supporting local farmers affected by the health crisis.

For May 2021, the Community Market on Wheels will also be circulating around Forbes Town Road (May 7-9), Eastwood (May 14-16), Uptown Parade (May 28-30), Newport Mall (May 13-15 & 27 – 29), and The Village Square Alabang (May 28-30).

Drive in the countryside and enjoy panoramic views

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If you need a longer break, why not drive to Tagaytay and take your loved ones on a road trip.

About 55 kilometers from Manila, the Twin Lakes provide a respite from city life, as this wine-growing resort community is nestled in the lush forests and open grasslands of Tagaytay. Enjoy a cooler climate, refreshing air and a picturesque view of Taal Lake. There are also plenty of places to eat, whether you just want to relax with a cup of coffee or dine with an open-air view.

Participate in wellness activities

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The outdoor spaces of Megaworld Lifestyle shopping centers also allow fitness enthusiasts to jog, run and even cycle to stay active.

One example is the town of Arcovia in Pasig which has a spacious open space where residents can walk or cycle at ease.

While going to the gym is still considered risky, people can exercise and keep up with their fitness schedule in designated areas in McKinley Hill on the weekends. There are specially marked cycle paths and jogger trails where people can exercise in comfort.

There are reminders for customers to physically stay away while wearing their face masks and face shields. Temperature control, shoe disinfection and distribution of the health checklist are also observed.

For the locals of Laguna, Southwoods Mall also offers a variety of outdoor exercises such as yoga, zumba, and jump rope in its atrium.

With everything going on today, it’s good to know that you can still do the things you loved to do before, only now you can do it outdoors.

Megaworld Lifestyle Malls provided several outdoor options for people to shop, dine and exercise with enhanced health and safety protocols, making it easier for people to think about their well-being. while remaining active for their health.

For more information, visit the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls website or follow its Facebook page for updates.

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