Savings account, for what? – Loans

When my brother got his first job he told me: can you lend me your account to make my salary deposits? Question to which I responded immediately: “What? but your bank account is like your ID. ” And so unintentionally I reached a resolution without having planned it. If you have already started your working

Quick loans – What are their total costs?

There is a week left to salary, but you urgently need extra resources? Have you received a heating bill, but it is significantly higher than you had planned? Most people are aware of these situations when they need to look for a solution to the huge money problems. There are several alternatives to deal with

Credit against salary

A loan is issued against a salary, against a pledge – something, real estate or something else – and against a salary. In fact, any credit over $ 100 must be given to a customer who is able to repay it – or a customer who has a salary. This is stated in Article 8

Fast credit and people’s ability to think about finances

When it comes to capitalist societies, the division of labor (which is a feature of many, including non-capitalist societies) is often called for. This, in turn, implies that some people will be educated and understand a lot about finance, while others, though perhaps genius in their field, will not understand anything about finance. From this